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The Reserve Division has been a vital part of the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department since 1964. Although as part-time employees, department policies limit some of their authority. Reserves hold themselves to a high standard and strive to maintain a professional status.

The Sheriff's Reserve Division fights a constant battle to maintain an adequate number of well trained members to carry out their duties at large scale events such as the Chippewa Valley Country Festival and Rock Festival. Chippewa County accepts online applications for the reserve division only at the time of a public recruitment. To view the current job openings, please click on Career Opportunities under Quick Links found on the Homepage.

The Sheriff's Reserves are very active in county events such as the Country Fest, Rock Fest, Water Safety Patrol, Snowmobile Safety Patrol, Campground Patrol, and various smaller festivals; and yet many people are not familiar with their role. They are given full arrest authority while on-duty and their purpose is to supplement the full-time County Deputies. Their uniforms and equipment are paid for out of their own pockets. Each Reserve works part-time for the County in addition to working at their full-time job. They work a lot of regular shifts in the County Jail and Communications Center, and some shifts on road patrol. Sheriff's reserves handle many routine law enforcement duties themselves at the events they work, and may call the experience of full-time Deputies to guide them through the more complicated situations.

If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy with Chippewa County contact the Human Resources department.