Patrol Deputies are responsible for responding to all calls for service and handling initial investigations of cases. They are the first to respond to the public's request for help and the first to respond to emergency 911 and non-emergency calls.

Calls for Service
Patrol Deputies are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Calls for service include traffic crash investigation, domestic disputes, disorderly conduct incidents, civil disputes, apprehending criminal offenders, warrant service, EMS/First Responder calls, animal cases, ordinance enforcement, and much more.

Proactive Patrol
When deputies are not busy with calls for service or other duties, they are responsible for proactive enforcement of state law and county ordinances. Proactive enforcement includes business checks during non-business hours; including nights and weekends, extra patrol in villages and communities, apprehension of criminals and traffic violators, bar checks and alcohol enforcement, special details, and much more.

Traffic Enforcement
A large part of the patrol division's time is spent in traffic enforcement. In addition to speed enforcement, officers are always on the lookout for other traffic violators, such as stop sign/stop light violators, vehicle equipment violations, improper registration and/or driver's licenses, OMVWI, and drug enforcement.

Squad Car Equipment
Patrol deputies are almost always the first to respond to emergency scenes. Therefore, they must be equipped with many different types of equipment to handle various types of police emergencies.  All squads are equipped with mobile radios, speed radar units, dash camera systems, cellular phones, first aid supplies and GPS units are just some of the equipment an officer must carry. The squad cars are equipped with state-of-the-art mobile data computers. These computers allow officers to be more efficient with their duties by completing traffic warnings, citations, and crash reports much quicker and with much less chance of error. The computers also allow an officer to query a driver's license and vehicle registration status, warrant inquiry, and communicate with other officers in real-time throughout the county. Officers also receive CAD (Computer Assisted Dispatch) information through the computer in real-time while at service calls or completing computerized reports. Deputies also save time spent in the office by completing police reports in the field and submitting them electronically.  Deputies also need to be prepared for emergency calls such as shootings that require a tactical response.
Intoxicated/Impaired Vehicle Operation

Impaired drivers are most likely to be on the roads in the evening and early morning hours, however, they are on the roads all hours of the day. All deputies receive training on the detection and apprehension of intoxicated and drug impaired drivers who violate the Wisconsin drunk driving laws and endanger all other citizens on the roadways. Chippewa County takes a proactive approach and strictly enforces drunk driving laws within the county.  

Criminal Investigations
The Patrol Division investigates thousands of criminal cases per year. They range from simple misdemeanors to felonies. Thefts, assaults, suspicious activity, prowlers, vandalisms, and burglaries are just a few of the types of cases routinely investigated by patrol deputies. Initial investigations are completed by patrol officers and those needing in depth follow-up or further investigation get forwarded to the Investigations Division.

When contacting the below Deputies directly please keep in mind they do work varying schedules.  Our Deputies rotate on a 3/2-2/3 schedule, which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need immediate contact please our non-emergency number and you will be directed to someone that can help.

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