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The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce, with the $25,000 donation from our local Jim Falls and Lake Wissota Lions Clubs, and any other Lions Club in Chippewa County, we are adding a multi-function K-9 Unit to our Sheriff’s Office Field Services Division in 2017. Lions Clubs, celebrating 100 years of philanthropic service in our community, have been generously working with the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk since early December 2016.  Our Lions Clubs have been helping us to plan and guide the formation of the new K-9 Unit –the first K-9 Unit in the history of the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office.

The new K-9 Unit will provide officer safety, assist in search and rescue, illegal drug detection, and enhance community relations.  The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office serves approximately 65,000 citizens, covering approximately 1,041 square miles, including providing support and services to all communities within.
The Field Services Division of the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 34 members, including 21 Pat
rol Deputies, 3 Sergeants, 5 Investigators, 2 Lieutenants, Chief Deputy, Drug Task Force Investigator and Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk. In 2016, the Sheriff’s Office completed 14,329 calls for service, an estimated 4,000 traffic contacts and over
500 drug-related calls for service. In 2016 alone, our Deputies had over 100 Use of Force incidents.  The K-9 Unit of the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office will assist other municipalities, in the way Investigations, Drug Task Force, Recreational Patrol, Search and Rescue, and Patrol currently provide services.

The K-9 Unit is also planned to help with illegal drug detection within our Jail; our Jail Division is comprised of a Captain, Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants and over 24 deputies, which promote the safety and security within the correctional facility serving up to 201 inmates. Unfortunately, in our modern society, illegal drugs have compromised all aspects of our community, including our correctional facilities.

The success and benefits of Lake Hallie Police Department’s K-9 Unit, and K-9 Units in other surrounding counties, have encouraged the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office to add a K-9 Unit to our Patrol Division. 

The Jim Falls and Lake Wissota Lions Clubs in Chippewa County reached out in early December 2016 to the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office totaling $25,000 – funding the initial financial commitment – including:

- The K-9 dog,
- Training for Deputy and K-9 dog team
- Upgrading our already-existing fleet vehicle, and
- Other associated K-9 expenses such as vet bills, kennel, protective vestand care.

One of the many ways our Lions Clubs have supported our community with other K-9 Services is in the form of sight partners and other services for the visually impaired.  Our local Lions are comprised of several hundred Lions in Chippewa County alone, with 1.4 million Lions in 210 countries.  The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office extends its thanks towards the generosity of our Lions!

Sheriff Kowalczyk has also committed additional resources, including funding and personnel, to our K-9 Unit.  Sheriff Kowalczyk also thanks Chippewa County’s Department of Administration and the County Board for their support on this important community project.

Sheriff Kowalczyk extends his congratulations to the Lions for 100 years in service with their Centennial Celebration and our gratitude towards the lasting gift of enhanced services to our community with the K-9 Unit. Sheriff Kowalczyk also wishes to recognize the importance to keep this gift going forward and even expand with future donations; after our first K-9 Team is established, our goals include adding additional K-9 Teams within the K-9 Unit to better serve Chippewa County and our community law enforcement agencies.

Please contact Sheriff Kowalczyk or Lieutenant Mark Bauman (715) 726-7826 or for further information.

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