Reporting to Jail

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Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office

James L. Kowalczyk, Sheriff                                                      Chad Holum, Chief Deputy

When Reporting In to the Chippewa County Jail

When you report to the Chippewa County Jail you will be required to complete some forms concerning your employment. Based on the information provided we will verify your employment status and make out the necessary schedules. Some of the information needed:

Your Name

Name of your employer

Phone number of your employer

Your starting time

The name of your Supervisor

Proof of workers comp Ins

 While on active Huber Law you must pay the Chippewa County Jail an amount of money for board, lodging and maintenance. The amount has been set by the Chippewa County Board at $17.00 dollars per day including tax. It is the policy of the Chippewa County Jail to collect this fee for nine-days in advance. You are required to bring with you the amount of $168.00 dollars.

If you report to jail under the influence of intoxicants (drugs or alcohol) or you are late, your Huber Law privileges will be subject to revocation. If you are on medications, bring your prescribed medication in its original RX pharmacy bottle with you to the jail.

Failure to report to the Chippewa County Jail is a crime. If you fail to report to the Chippewa County Jail, you will be charged with a crime. If you were sentenced to less than 10 days and fail to report to the jail, you will be charged with a misdemeanor ss. 946.425 (1m)(a). If you were sentenced to 10 days or more and fail to report to the jail, you will be charged with a felony ss. 946.425 (1m)(b).

Prior approval is needed for the following: child care and self-employment so if you have any questions and do not understand this or any part of this document, please contact Huber Deputy Doug Krultz at

715-720-3640 or email at

Huber report time is scheduled for Sunday at 3 pm unless otherwise instructed by the court.  Failure to provide the appropriate and needed documentation can delay the Chippewa County Jail staff from releasing you for your Huber Law privilege.

Please advise family and friends that only verified EMERGENCY messages are delivered by the jail staff.  If these people wish to see/talk with you, they may use the mail, or you may call them. Collect calls are available but very expensive.  You may contact Securus at 1-800-844-6591 for the current rate.  ALL OUTGOING INMATE CALLS ARE RECORDED EXCEPT THOSE MADE TO AN ATTORNEY.  Incoming mail must have a complete return address or it will not be delivered to an inmate.  Inmate mail should be addressed to the inmate c/o the Chippewa County Jail, 50 E. Spruce Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729.