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Prison Rape Elimination Act



The Prison Rape Elimination (PREA) is a Federal law established to address the elimination and prevention of sexual assault and rape in correctional systems. PREA applies to all federal, state, local jails, police lock-ups, private facilities and community settings such as residential facilities. PREA’s intent is to ensure that sexual misconduct, harassment or inappropriate behaviors are reported immediately, accurately and completely.

 The Chippewa County Jail has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy. Zero-tolerance means the department will respond to every allegation of sexual misconduct. All cases will be investigated and all guilty parties will be disciplined or prosecuted according to the law. Reporting is mandatory but your confidentiality will be maintained.

 Any inmate in the Chippewa County Jail that believes they have been sexually assaulted or harassed or have knowledge of such acts may report this violation by several different means. The inmate may report the violation to any staff member directly. If the inmate is not comfortable reporting in this manner, they may write a letter to any staff member. Inmates wishing to remain anonymous can send out a note in the outgoing mail. Inmates may report a PREA violation under the PREA tab on the kiosk.

Sexual activity between any staff member/volunteer and an inmate can never be consensual

and is always against the law.

 Any inmate who is a victim of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will have free treatment and counseling made available to them. Contact any staff member on the kiosk for assistance. Any visitor or family member who has knowledge of an inmate who has been sexually harassed or a victim of sexual assault or has knowledge of inappropriate behavior can contact any staff at the Chippewa County Jail at any time or contact or one of the resources below.


Family Support Center (Chippewa County)

711 N. Bridge Street

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729




Rape Crisis Center

2801 Coho Street Suite 301

Madison, WI 53713




National Sexual Assault Hotline