Inmate Email and Money

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Jail ATM is a service provided to friends and family of inmates incarcerated in the Chippewa County Jail.  It is a fast and convenient way to send money and purchase Commissary for inmates.  Funds are credited to the inmates account immediately after the transaction is approved by the credit card company.  There are two ways to deposit funds in an inmate’s account: Through the internet and through the Lobby ATM.


Go to to deposit money in an inmate’s account through the internet.  You can use credit or debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  You will need to select the appropriate County Jail from the facility menu.  You can then search for an inmate by entering their name.

Lobby ATM

There is a Lobby ATM located in the main lobby of the Chippewa  County Jail.  You can deposit cash or use credit or debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  You can find an inmate by entering either their last name or inmate ID Number.  


There is a $4.00 fee to deposit cash in the Lobby ATM.  For credit card transactions, a nonrefundable fee of $3.50 or 10.00% of the deposit amount, whichever is greater, will be charged.


Friends and family can order Commissary for inmates through the website.  Orders purchased through the website will normally be shipped to the facility with the next regularly scheduled Commissary shipment from the Commissary provider.