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Huber/Electronic Monitoring Coordinators

Doug Krultz

Chippewa County Jail
50 E. Spruce St.
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Phone: (715) 720-3640
General: (715) 726-7707

Fax (715) 726-7827


You are imprisoned in the Chippewa County Jail for an offense.

If you are employed, you may continue your employment within a reasonable distance from the jail (generally within adjacent counties of Chippewa County) if the following conditions permit.

  • You must be employed a minimum of 30 hours a week making minimum wage.  You are required to be paid by check indicating hours worked, rate of pay and state and federal deductions.
  • If driving a vehicle to work you will provide the jail with a copy of the declaration page of your insurance.  If you receive a ride, you will provide the same and the driver's name and date of birth.
  •  You may have only one job
  • You will not change jobs without the Huber Officers approval.
  • If you lose your job or are laid off you will immediately notify the Huber officer.
  • If you are employed where you have varied job sites, you are required to write down your job location.  If that location changes you are required to call 720-3640 and leave your new location.
  • If you receive Health Services here, you are required to pay any medical or drug charges the jail may incur.  You will be notified of charges and will pay them immediately.  If you are unable to pay for all the charges, you may request a payment plan.  If you need prescription medications, you may bring in the prescription to the medical staff and medications will be ordered through the jail. You will notify the jail health services of any prescribed or over the counter medications you may be taking, either at the jail or outside the jail.  You may not take any prescription or non- prescription medication outside the jail without the jails knowledge.  If you are taking any narcotics or other drugs that have a  “warning indicator “, that may affect your ability to drive or otherwise operate equipment safely your Huber may be suspended until such time it safe to return to work.
  • No inmate will be released on a Holiday without specific approval from the Huber Officer.  You must request in writing two weeks prior to the holiday.  Holidays include: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
  • You will provide a truthful written statement as to your whereabouts if requested by any jail staff member.
  • You are required to have workers compensation insurance, either by your employer and/or yourself.
  • Self employment must be approved by the Huber Officer
  • If you are self-employed, you must provide a copy of your liability insurance.
  • If self employed you must provide a copy of your previous year’s tax return indicating you made at least minimum wage.  You must have a State and Federal I.D. number.
  • If you are self employed, you must provide a letter from your insurance company/agent stating that they will cover you during an accident, injury, and/or mishap while you are performing your job under self employment.  You must have health insurance and/or worker comp insurance.
  • You may not be out of the jail over 60 hours per week.

If unemployed, you will be allowed to seek work under the following regulations.

  • Complete an application for Temporary Employment Agency (Jail has applications and will deliver once complete).
  • Have someone drop off applications for you.  You will also have to have someone deliver the applications for you.
  • You will be allowed out for confirmed interviews upon approval of the Huber officer

Whenever you have days off, you shall be confined to the County Jail.  All free time is to be spent in jail.  You may not be out for more than six (6) days consecutively. You may not be out for more than twelve (12) hours per day.  You will be billed for seven (7) days a week.

You must turn in your payroll check stub at the end of your pay period.  You must pay your Huber fees at least one (1) week in advance or you will not be allowed out for work.  The Huber officer can grant exceptions.

Chippewa County inmates are required to pay $17.00 per day for a total of $119.00 per week with tax included.  Out-of-County inmates are required to pay $27.00 per day for a total of $189.00 per week.  All out-of-county huber transfer’s must first be preapproved by the huber officer.

You will be released from your dorm either a quarter after the hour or a quarter before the hour.  At that time you will go to the locker room and get ready for your scheduled destination.  You will be released from the locker room on the half-hour or on the hour.  It is your responsibility to notify us of the appropriate time for you to go.

You are to go DIRECTLY to your scheduled destination (work, school, *childcare, and/or **deviation).  You are not to loiter on your way to or from that destination. 

You may not go home at any time except by permission of the Jail Administrator, Lieutenant, Sergeant, or Huber Officer.

You may not go to taverns unless it is your place of employment.  You may not drink any beer, intoxicating liquors, and/or take any non-prescribed drugs at any time while serving on the Huber Act.

Your dormitory must be kept in an orderly fashion and your bunk must be made before you leave for work.  Cleaning supplies are in the dorms at all times.  All inmates are expected to assist with the cleaning.

You are not to take and/or borrow another inmate’s property without permission.

Weapons, knives, cans, glass bottles, cellular phones, tobacco products, and/or ignition sources are forbidden in the jail.  If you are in doubt, ask a jailer before bringing the article in.  (These items must be stored at your work site, in your vehicle, or in your Huber locker.)

If requested to do so, you will submit to a search when leaving the jail and a strip search when returning to the jail.

If demanded by a jailer, you will submit to a chemical test of your breath to determine alcohol content.  You will also provide a urine sample for the purpose of drug screening, if ordered to do so.

A completed monthly schedule of work and/or class hours must be turned in to the Huber Officer.

Any violation of County Ordinances or State Laws will result in disciplinary actions.

Any violation(s) of rules may cause loss of good time, cancellation of the privileges of working under the Huber Act, and/or you may be taken to court and charged for violation(s) of the Huber Act.

Disrespect to jail staff will not be tolerated.  You will not argue with or be disorderly with any jail staff member.  If a situation arises which can not be resolved, write a letter to the Huber Officer.  If it still can not be resolved write a letter to the Lieutenant or Captain.  While exercising your Huber privilege it is expected that you be on your best behavior.  It is expected that you cooperate at all times with the jail staff.  It is expected that you do not become involved in any disorderly altercations with other inmates or staff. It is expected that you not receive any misconduct reports. 

You must check in immediately upon returning to the jail.  You then must remain in the lobby until you are brought in.  (No going back out for a cigarette or cell phone call.)

*Childcare may be subjected to additional rules and regulations.  You must be approved by the Huber officer.

**Deviations need to be turned in a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the date the deviation is for. (holidays and Weekends are not considered business days) Medical appointments must be submitted at least (5) business days prior to the appointment  is possible.  Medical appointments must be approved by both the medical staff and huber officer.

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