The Chippewa County Jail has undergone many changes over the years.  The original jail on this site was constructed along with a Sheriff’s residence in 1949.  That jail had a capacity of 18 secure inmates. The Sheriff ceased residing in the residence structure in about 1979.  The house was turned completely into offices for Sheriff’s personnel as well as a dispatch center while the jail continued to be used.  In 1985, a Huber work release dormitory was added that increased the capacity of the jail to 42 inmates.  In 1992, an addition was completed that raised the capacity of the jail to 79 inmates.  In 2002, a large addition was completed that raised the capacity of the jail to 201 inmates.  Today’s jail is about 60,000 square feet on three floors.  

This addition included for the first time a complete kitchen facility.  Additionally, the new facility also enabled complete comprehensive classification of inmates.  A series of questions are answered on each inmate and they are then placed in a unit with other inmates that are similarly classified. Inmate classification was mandated by the state in 2006. The current jail has special needs housing areas on its second and third floors.  The second floor is built as a  podular jail design.  This area also has three rooms where education and religious classes can be held as well as seven video visiting booths for inmates to visit their families via camera.

The jail can handle temporary influxes up to about 190 inmates per day, Male and Female separate housing areas. The jail is obviously staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The jail is run under the constitutional authority of the Sheriff.  There are 72 county jails in the state of Wisconsin.  The jail is an integral part of the criminal justice system   It receives prisoners on fresh arrests from all law enforcement agencies within the county.  It also holds prisoners who are doing sentences as ordered by the circuit court. Such sentences typically can range from a few days up to one year in length.  Also, persons who are awaiting trial on criminal charges and who are unable to post bond are held until their court proceedings are completed.

The jail must be able to deal with all types of people often under very difficult situations.  Increasingly, many inmates have extensive medical and psychological needs which must be met by the jail personnel.  

Our mission is to serve the community by helping to enhance its safety while at the same time seeking to care for those individuals who are housed in the jail.  Extensive programming is provided to help offenders turn their lives around if they choose to do so. 

Anyone desiring more information is urged to contact the Jail Administrator at 715-726-7705.