The Administrative Division is an important part of having successful day-to-day operations and good customer service. The employees within this division are responsible for many different things, a few include:

- Typing officer-dictated police reports.
- Filing all paperwork in records.
- Computerizing all police records and reports in the Records Management System (RMS).
- Assisting the public in person, on the phone and email.
- Forwarding paperwork and reports to District Attorney's Office as needed.
- Preparing of Civil Process papers for the Deputy to serve.
- Preparing TROs and injunction paperwork for the Deputies to serve.
- Preparing Sheriff sales paperwork for posting, clerking Sheriff sales and finalizing the sale paperwork.
- Preparing warrants for service, closing of warrants after service occurs and ongoing validation of active warrants.
- Processing open records requests.
- Processing citations, warnings, and accidents reports along with all other required or supporting paperwork.
- Maintains the data for the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).
- Maintains the crash map statistical data. 


For in person assistance the administrative window is open Monday - Friday from 8:15am until 4:15pm (excluding holidays).

Jennifer Steinmetz, Fiscal Manager 

Michelle Podolak, Administrative Assistant III

Jill Shipley, Administrative Assistant III

Lewis Yetter, Administrative Assistant III

Rachel Braden, Administrative Assistant III