The Administrative Division is an important part of having successful day-to-day operations and good customer service. The employees within this division are responsible for many different things, a few include:

- Typing officer-dictated police reports.
- Filing all paperwork in records.
- Computerizing all police records and reports in the Records Management System (RMS).
- Assisting the public in person, on the phone and email.
- Forwarding paperwork and reports to District Attorney's Office as needed.
- Preparing of Civil Process papers for the Deputy to serve.
- Preparing TROs and injunction paperwork for the Deputies to serve.
- Preparing Sheriff sales paperwork for posting, clerking Sheriff sales and finalizing the sale paperwork.
- Preparing warrants for service, closing of warrants after service occurs and ongoing validation of active warrants.
- Processing open records requests.
- Processing citations, warnings, and accidents reports along with all other required or supporting paperwork.
- Maintains the data for the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).
- Maintains the crash map statistical data.


For in person assistance the administrative window is open Monday - Friday from 8:15am until 4:15pm (excluding holidays).

Jennifer Steinmetz, Fiscal Manager 

Michelle Podolak, Administrative Assistant III

Jill Shipley, Administrative Assistant III

Lewis Yetter, Administrative Assistant IV

Rachel Braden, Administrative Assistant IV

Kelly Baker, Administrative Assistant III (PT)