Public Health Nursing

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Public Health Nursing 

Is the practice of promoting and protecting the health of the population using knowledge from nursing, social and public health sciences.

- American Public Health Association, PHN Section, 1996

Public Health Nursing Practice

  • Focuses on entire populations 
  • Reflects community priorities and needs 
  • Establishes caring relationships with the communities, families, individuals and systems that comprise the populations Public Health Nurses serve 
  • Grounded in social justice, compassion, sensitivity to diversity, and respect for the worth of all people, especially the vulnerable 
  • Encompasses mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental aspects of health 
  • Promotes health through strategies driven by epidemiological evidence
  • Collaborates with community resources to achieve those strategies, but can and will work alone if necessary 
  • Derives its authority for independent action from the Nurse Practice Act

- Minnesota Department of Health Center For Public Health Nursing Revised 2004

Public Health Nursing Services provided in Chippewa County include:

  • Visits to promote health and prevent disease throughout the life spanpublichealthnursing
  • Care Coordination to connect individuals and families to needed services
  • Communicable disease prevention and control
  • Health education presentations
  • Health Clinics

To name only a few.....

Contact the health department to request more information on public health nursing services or to request to be contacted by a public health nurse. Call (715)726-7900 or 1-800-400-3678 and ask for the Public Health Intake Nurse.