Prenatal Care Coordination

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Wisconsin offers Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC) to all women with medicaid/BadgerCare coverage who are eligible. The purpose is to help women have healthy babies. 

Questions or Apply for Prenatal Care Coordination

Some of the services offered by nurses include:

  • monthly contacts by home visit or phone with expectant parents to plan and work towards healthy goals
  • visits after the birth of the baby to help with any new parent needs and questions
  • education on the importance of ongoing prenatal care, nutrition and avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use
  • information on fetal development, pregnancy complications, labor, delivery, and infant care
  • transportation assistance
  • assistance with finding and paying for health care

Research shows that PNCC services reduced by 51% the odds of having a baby born premature at less than 35 weeks of pregnancy. Other findings included:

  • reduced odds of infant death by two-thirds
  • reduced odds of smoking or drinking alcoholic beverage during  pregnancy by one-third
  • reduced odds of women delaying prenatal medical care until the second trimester of pregnancy by one-third