Mental Health Early Intervention

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Mental Health Early Intervention

 Taking Care of You

 Appropriate for 12-end of life

  • Appropriate for 12-end of life
  • Four sessions, 90 minutes each
  • Learn strategies to:
    • Take better care of all aspects of health- body, mind and spirit (nutrition, exercise, sleeping, deep breathing)
    • Become more aware of the body-mind connection
    • Respond with thought versus reacting
    • Discover opportunities in life’s challenges
    • Develop healthier habits
    • Find ways to be happy
    • Simplify life
    • Live in the moment


  • For middle school and high school students
  • Two sessions, 90 minutes each
  • Students with high-risk personality profiles as identified by a screening questionnaire are invited to participate
  • High-risk personality types include: Sensation seeking, Impulsivity, Anxiety Sensitivity, and Negative thinking
  • Four different workshops are run, each focused on developing specialized coping skills relevant to each of the personality styles
  • Workshops focus on motivating adolescents to understand how their personality style leads to certain emotional and behavioral reactions