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In-person visits to the Department are suspended until further notice. If you have business with the Department, it should occur by telephone or email instead of meeting in person. All applications, permits or other items necessary for approval and their applicable fees will need to be mailed via United States Postal Service.

You may experience some delays in communication from the department as we will have some staff working from home and some in the office. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Director Doug Clary
(715) 726-7941

ROOM 009
711 N. Bridge Street
Chippewa Falls, WI  54729

Phone: (715) 726-7940
Fax: (715) 726-4596

Zoning Inspector
Greg Gruna
(715) 726-7943
Zoning Inspector
Tony Roder
(715) 738-2603
Zoning Technician
Haillie Passow
(715) 726-7942
Zoning Technician
Lindsey O'Rourke
(715) 726-7932
Building Inspector
Fred Hankel
(715) 726-7844
 Secretary II Renee Daken  (715) 726-7940   


(1)  Renee Daken, Administrative Assistant:  General Zoning, Conditional Use Permits & Rezones

(2)  Doug Clary, Director:  Conditional Use Permits, Rezones, Variances, Administrative Appeals, Land Divisions

(3)  Greg Gruna, Zoning Inspector:  General Zoning, Septic Systems, Septic System Maintenance & Wells

(4)  Tony Roder, Zoning Inspector:  Shoreland, Floodplain, Wetlands, Variances & Administrative Appeals

(5)  Hallie Passow, Zoning Technician:  General Zoning, Shoreland, Conditional Use Permits, Addresses

(6)  Lindsey O'Rourke, Zoning Technician:  General Zoning, Addresses, Septic Systems

(6)  Fred Hankel, Building Inspector: One & Two-Family Dwellings