Parcel Number Explanation

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Parcel Mapping

Chippewa County has an 18-digit number edited with 2 dashes for easier reading.  All Parcels utilize 17 digits.  The alst digit is available for a split if two or more owners are located on the same lot.

The first five digits are an introduction to the general location of a parcel.

Digit 1: Every parcel number in Chippewa county begins with 2.
The 2 indicates West of the prime meridian. 
Digit 2 & 3: Indicate the Township Number.  
Chippewa Co. has five township numbers: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32. 
Digit 4 & 5: Indicate the Range Number.
Chippewa County has six range numbers 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 
Utilizing the first 5 digits brings one to a six-mile square divided into 36 section.
Each section is one mile square and contains 640 acres
Digits 6 & 7: Represents the Section Number.
Sections are numbered from 01 through 36 for each six-mile square.
Digits 8 & 9: Represents Quarter-Quarter Number. The numbers 1,2,3 & 4 are used for the quarter-quarter to show definite locations.
1=NE 1/4; 2=NW 1/4; 3=SW 1/4; 4=SE 1/4

By combining the numbers 1,2,3 & 4 with each other, one can locate a parcel to the 40-acre square it lies in.


11=NE NE 21=NE NW 31=NE SW 41=NE SE
12=NW NE 22=NW NW 32=NW SW 42=NW SE
13=SW NE 23=SW NW 33=SW SW 43=SW SE


14=SE NE 24=SE NW 34=SE SW 44=SE SE

Digit 10:  Indicates the type of parcel that is being described:
0- is used for Metes & Bounds parcels with Digits 11,12,& 13 for a random split number.  If a forty has never been split, it is known as a virgin forty and the number ends in 00000000 after the quarter-quarter number.  If a parcel has been split off, the parent forty becomes 00020000.
5 - is used for Govt Lot that is located along meandered water or along a correctional line.
6- indicates a plat along with digits: 11,12, & 13 used for the plat number.  All recorded plats have been assigned a number in order as recorded.
6 - Plat continued - Digits: 14 & 15 Blk# - Digits: 16 thru 18 Lot#'s & Splits.
7 - indicates the parcel is part of a Certified Survey Map along with Digits: 
11,12,13 & 14 used for the map number. Digits: 15 thru 18 Lot#'s & Splits

9 - indicates the parcel is a Condominium Unit along with Digits: 11 thru 18 used for structure building & unit numbers