Copy and Data Price List

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COPIES OF CSMs obtained from Register of Deeds
COPIES OF PLATS obtained from Register of Deeds
Large Format Copies $ 5.00 per sheet
Plotted Map $ 10.00 per sheet
11" x 17" Prints $ 2.00 per sheet
Small Format Prints $ 1.00 per sheet
Additional P.O. Charge of $ 1.00 (when mailing copies)
CD of scanned corner monumentation $ 50.00
CD of scanned survey maps B,C,D,J,L $ 50.00
CD of scanned highway plans $ 50.00
CD of scanned section maps $ 50.00
CD of scanned old survey notes $ 50.00
CD of scanned township index maps $ 20.00
Digital copy of one Government Township (T_N R_W) or one Civil Township map: $ 50.00
Digital data special orders: $ 50.00
(data sets not listed above)
Approved by the Land Records Committee: October 19, 2010
Approved by the County Board: November 10, 2010 resolution 49-10
LiDAR Data Distribution Policy
1' or 2' Contours $12.50 per Qtr/Qtr of a Section
 Labor Cost of $40.00 per hour to clip data (average time is 30 minutes)
Point Cloud data is not sold
See Plat Book prices here