Animal Waste

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The Chippewa County Animal Waste Storage & Utilization Ordinance (Sec. 62-186 of the Code of Chippewa County) was adopted under the authority granted by Wis. Stats. §§ 59.70(1) and 92.16.

The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate the location, design, construction, installation, alteration and use of animal waste storage facilities and the application of waste from these facilities in order to prevent water pollution and thereby protect the health of county residents and transients, prevent the spread of disease and promote the prosperity and general welfare of the citizens of the county.  It is also intended to provide for the administration and enforcement of this division and to provide penalties for its violation.

If you are considering constructing, expanding, or abandoning an animal waste facility, please contact our department to speak with an engineer at #715-726-7920.

Application for Animal Waste Management Permit