2020 County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan Process

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Process Update

On 11/20/19, the LCFM Committee took action to suspend the planning process until the vacant position of County Forest Administrator and Public Liaison is filled.

The position was announced on 11/18/19 with applications due 12/13/19.  Given the holiday season, it will be necessary to defer and schedule interviews in early January.

When filled, the responsibility for leading and managing the planning process will again rest with that position.

The Department of Natural Resources has clarified that the planning process must be substantially complete with a draft plan filed for agency review before 10/1/20.

Given that deadline, it is anticipated that the Dept. of LCFM will resume and conduct the remainder of the planning process during the spring and summer of 2020, with the objective of having a public hearing on the plan draft no later than Sept. of 2020.

Overview of Planning Process

Chapter 28 of Wisconsin Statutes, Section 28.11(5)(a) requires that counties manage county forest lands pursuant to a Comprehensive County Forest Land Use Plan, prepared for a 15-year period by the County Forestry Committee.

Comprehensive County Forest Land Use Plans establish policy and provide a management framework that guides counties to administer County Forests in compliance with the purpose and direction of the County Forest Law, as defined in s. 28.11, Wisconsin Statutes, and pursuant to input from citizens and groups so that local needs and objectives are met.

County staff will facilitate four (4) Stakeholders Advisory Group meetings between October, 2019, and January, 2020.  Each meeting will focus on a set of topics.  The meetings are tentatively scheduled as follows:

 -October 3, 2019
 -November 5, 2019 - This meeting has been postponed.
 -December 3, 2019 - This meeting has been postponed.
 -January 7, 2019  

After reviewing the draft plan with the Stakeholders Advisory Group and the Land Conservation & Forest Management Committee, LCFM staff will conduct a public open house in late January, 2020, to inform and educate interested members of the public.  A formal public hearing will then be held in mid-February, 2020, to gather final public input prior to completion of the plan for approval by the Chippewa County Board and the DNR.

The meetings will be open to the public, however, discussion will be limited to recognized group members in the interest of systematic and efficient process.

October 4, 2019, Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting - Focus on Access and Recreation

10/3/19 Agenda

Overview of Current Policy and Maintenance Protocol or Primary Infrastructure in the County Forest

Revised and TENTATIVE Scheduling for Preliminary Public Participation Plan for the Development of the 2021-2035 Chippewa County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan (8/21/19)

Questionnaire for 2021-2035 Chippewa County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting #1:  Focus on Access and Recreation

Permanent Primary Road Map (To be added soon)

Secondary Road Map (To be added soon)

County Forest Blocking Boundary Maps

Hickory Ridge Trail System Map
     -Hickory Ridge Ski Trail
     -Hickory Ridge Mountain Bike and Snowshoe Trail

Hay Meadow Horse Trail System Map

County Forest Snowmobile and ATV/UTV Trail System Map (To be added soon)

Town of Ruby Frozen Ground Access/Tealey Creek Game Loop Map