Trail Code of Ethics

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  • Be a good and responsible ATV operator. 
  • People will perceive your actions as that performed by all ATV operators. 
  • Be aware of, and follow, all state, county, city and township laws pertaining to ATV's. 
  • Wear appropriate safety apparel including a full-size helmet and goggles. 
  • When trails are wet, take it easy on soft ground. 
  • Remember, somebody has to fix and maintain the trail. 
  • Keep the forest and adjoining roadways beautiful by packing out what you pack in. 
  • Pick up litter as you travel, and stop along the trail and routes. 
  • Keep your pace to the least experienced of the group. 
  • Adults, be a GOOD role model for the youngsters. 
  • They have to learn their riding habits and behavior from someone. 
  • Respect the rights of others on the trail. 
  • Everyone wants to have a good time. 
  • Keep speeds SLOW in parking areas for safety, and to minimize dust. 
  • USE COMMON SENSE! It is a privilege to ride on county property. 
  • Let's all work together and see this trail system preserved with responsible use.