County ATV Laws

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  • It is unlawful for anyone to operate a motor vehicle in such a manner as to cause soil erosion, pollution, or other damage. 
  • No unauthorized vehicle, including ATV's, may travel trails which are gated, cabled, bunkered, or posted with restrictive signs. 
  • Cars, trucks, or similar vehicles are not allowed on ATV trails, snowmobile trails, or similar trail systems, unless posted "open to all motor vehicles". 
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and snowmobiles may only operate on designated trails and routes. 
  • ATV's may not operate anywhere in the county forest during shooting hours of gun deer season. 
  • No vehicle may be parked, stopped, or left standing in any manner as to block, obstruct or limit use of any road or trail. 
  • No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour on any portion of a designated trail that is posted with caution signs consisting of black symbols or letters on yellow backing. 
  • Operators of a snowmobile or ATV must abide by all regulatory trail signs. 
  • It is unlawful for anyone to damage or destroy any gate or sign in any county forest, county park, or on other lands under the management, supervision and control of the county.