Juvenile Court Intake Worker

Kerry Root

Clerk of Juvenile Court Services

Kim Ryan


Mission: Promote a Juvenile Justice System in Chippewa County that holds juvenile offenders accountable for their actions.  Assess each juvenile and work in collaboration with his or her family to resolve issues which lead to delinquent behavior.  Ensure that the legal rights of juveniles, victims and all other interested parties are upheld in accordance with the Juvenile Justice Code.

Office Duties: The Juvenile Court Intake Office is composed of a Juvenile Court Intake worker and the Juvenile Court Services Clerk.  We receive all cases involving juveniles in the county who are alleged to have committed a crime.  We also work with juveniles who are habitually truant from school and juveniles who are uncontrollable in their homes.  The Juvenile court process is outlined below.

The Juvenile Court Intake Office receives reports and referrals from Law Enforcement, Schools and Parents.

  1. Determine jurisdiction. Juvenile Code Chapter 938.24
    • Is the child between ages of 10 and 17 years and is their Prima Facie jurisdiction that a crime was committed.-938.12
    • Is child between ages 6 and 18 years old and has the child been habitually truant form school.-118.15
    • Is the child uncontrollable and does the parent request to sign a petition asking for juvenile court jurisdiction.  Typically parents in these cases are concerned due to their children running away from home, consuming illegal drugs, not attending school, destroying property at home, verbally or physically aggressive to others in the home. 938.13(6)
  2. Notify both parents/guardians and child of Intake Conference.  If applicable-Notify victim of crime of Intake Conference-Determine restitution.
  3. Intake Conference:  Meeting with the family
    • Explain Juvenile Court process and possible dispositions
    • Explain legal rights
    • Determine if child is admitting to allegations in report.
    • Assessment interview
      • Discuss issues relating to the incident of delinquency, truancy, or uncontrollability.
      • Discuss any family issues that relate to child’s behavior
      • Drug and alcohol use
      • School Performance
      • Mental Health
      • Discuss other issues which could be pertinent to the child
    • Discuss various services available in the community
  4. Make Intake decision and determine direction of case
    • Refer case to District Attorney or Corporation Counsel requesting petition be filed with the court.
    • Enter into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.
      • Youth court
      • Accountability Workshop
      • Restitution
      • Mental Health services
      • Drug screens
      • Parenting services
      • Community Service work
    • Counsel and release
    • Other
  5. Complete Summary Report-Make appropriate referrals

The Juvenile Court Intake office is responsible to send out notices for juvenile court proceedings, prepare and maintain the court files, and assist the court in carrying out its duties.