Children, Youth and Families Division

The Children, Youth, and Families Division within the Department of Human Services provides services to Chippewa County children, youth, and families through three units within the division - Children and Families Services Unit (child protective services), Children with Differing Abilities (children with special needs), and Youth & Support Services (juvenile justice/delinquency services).

Child ProtectiveServices Unit
The Chippewa County Children and Families Services Unit works to ensure that all children are safe in their own homes. We provide innovative and effective strategies for prevention and intervention. Our treatment approaches include collaborative community efforts that assist, empower, and ensure that families are well-educated and getting stronger in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Children with Differing Abilities
The Children with Differing Abilities Unit is Chippewa County’s primary source for information, assessment, and service coordination for children with special needs.  The questions of, “Is this normal?”, “Should I be worried?”, and more importantly “What can be done about it?” are all questions we can help find answers for.  Please contact the Western Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at 715-726-7907, Western Regional Center Website.

Youth Justice Services
The Chippewa County Youth Support and Services Unit promotes a youth justice system to assist, empower, and build upon the strengths of youth and families facing youth justice challenges. We strive to protect the community, impose accountability for law violations, and equip youth offenders with competencies to live responsibly, productively, and achieve positive outcomes.

Chippewa County Juvenile Intake
The Juvenile Court Intake Office receives reports and referrals from law enforcement, schools, and parents. After receipt of a referral, juvenile intake reviews to determine jurisdiction, notifies all parties of the referral, schedules an intake conference, and determines the outcome of the referral. The Juvenile Court Intake Office is responsible to send out notices for juvenile court proceedings, prepare and maintain court files, and assist the court in carrying out its duties all within statutory time frames.

Juvenile Intake Services


Are you interested in a child welfare social work position?

   Click here for three minute video that provides a quick and high impact overview of the work of child welfare.

   Click here for a 20 minute video that provides a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of child welfare work.


Children, Youth, & Families Summit (CYF) 10-29-15 Video Links

This conference focused on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), prevention, early intervention, and intervention specific to Chippewa County resources. Here are the videos from the conference:

  1. Introduction and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)
  2. Evidence Based Practices
  3. Child Protective Services State Standards
  4. Community Resources
  5. Conclusion