Children Emergency Mental Health Services

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Northwest Connections is the provider of Emergency Mental Health Services (telephone and mobile crisis) in Chippewa County through their 24/7 toll free number 888-552-6642. Chippewa County continues to offer walk in crisis services during business hours.  


If there are concerns involving running away and/or dangerousness please contact Law Enforcement if they are not already there.

Contact Northwest Connections Crisis Line 

  1. The telephone worker will ask you several questions as part of an assessment that can include: 
    • Your name, entity and location, who are you calling about, address, DOB, phone number
    • What is the crisis situation
    • Risks identified
    • Do you have any history with this person or family
    • Who is there (family, friends)
    • If this is a juvenile have the parents/guardians been contacted
    • Does this person have a current mental health or substance abuse provider
    • After gathering this information the telephone worker will assist in determining the next step(s), which may include, but are not limited to the following in any particular order: 

  1. Further consultation with other parties (patient, physicians, nurses, social workers, family, friends, witnesses, etc.) including the person in crisis.
    • Community Safety Planning (stabilization in the community with a plan for safety).  Are there community options for safety that may include family/friends/other providers?
    • Further evaluation by mobile responder (face to face). This person is a trained crisis worker who can assist the person and/or family.
    • Voluntary Inpatient Behavioral Health Admission.
    • Emergency Detention approval (Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization).

Linkage and Follow-up Services

Following all crisis calls, the Chippewa County Department of Human Services reaches out to the caller to provide resources, referrals, and support, as needed.