Snow Plowing

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News Release - Unlawful To Push Snow onto Public Highways

The Chippewa County Highway Department would again like to remind everyone that it is not only dangerous but unlawful to plow or push snow onto or across a public highway.  Section 346.94(5), Wisconsin statutes prohibits this action. 

Snow left in ridges or piles on the highway create a hazard for vehicles.  Snow piled on the shoulders may also create problems for equipment during normal plowing operations and increases the possibility of snow drifting across the highway in these areas.

We encourage your cooperation for the safety of all who travel the Chippewa County road and highway system.

Chippewa County Highway Department
Chad Gudis, Patrol Division Superintendent
Joseph Simon, County Patrol Superintendent


Highway Winter Maintenance Classifications and Hours of Service

State and County Highways in Chippewa County are divided into four classifications.  The typical levels of service for each of the classifications are shown below.  Please note that actual winter maintenance operations are subject to change based on factors such as duration of storm, type/amount of precipitation, visibility, temperature, and operator fatigue.  Chippewa County plows 670 lane miles of state highways with 16 plow truck operators and 1,000 lane miles of county highways with 23 plow truck drivers.  Typical cycle times for each patrol section are 3 - 4 hours to plow the entire route one time.


State #1 Highways are the busiest state highways.  These include USH 53, STH 29, and urban portions of STH 124 and STH 178.  State #1 Highways have 24 hour coverage.  Salt is often spread on the roadway to prevent ice.

State #2 Highways are all other state highways that are not designated as State #1 Highways.  These highways will be maintained for 18 hours, with no presence from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM.  A sand-salt mixture is often spread on the roadway to provide additional traction and to prevent ice.

County #1 Highways are the busiest county highways.  These are maintained for 18 hours the same way as State #2 Highways.  The sand-salt mixture is also used on these roadways when needed.

County #2 Highways are low-volume, rural county highways.  These highways are maintained for 12 - 18 hours.  The sand-salt mixture is also used on these roadways when needed.