Construction Updates

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Updated May 13, 2019


Chippewa County’s list of 2019 highway construction and maintenance projects is shown below.  Please note that these dates are approximate and actual construction timeframes are subject to change.

2019 Construction Projects:

CTH M (CTH G South – Taylor County Line)

  • Includes reconstruction of the CTH M & 370th Street intersection

  • Paving 4.3 miles, open to local traffic

  • Started May 13th, 2019


CTH Q (CTH B (west) – CTH C)  

  • Pipe liners and minor drainage work starting late April/early May

  • Milling asphalt & paving 1.3 miles, open to local traffic. Starting mid-July, 2 weeks


CTH M (CTH X – 60th Ave)

  • Contractor project

  • Paving 2.0 miles, open to local traffic

  • Started April 29th 2019.  4-8 weeks pending contractors actual start-up date and progress.


Culvert Replacements for 2020 Paving Projects:


  • Culvert replacements 4 weeks

  • Daily closures - Detour will be used for extended closures

  • Tentatively scheduled for mid-July


2019 Bridge Projects:

CTH XX Bridge (3 miles south of 45th Ave.) 

  • Bridge Replacement

  • May 13th start. Completed by early July.


Town of Anson 120th Ave Bridge (1200 feet west of CTH K) 

  • Bridge Replacement

  • Mid-September start. Completed by end of October



2019 Maintenance Projects:

STH 27 (STH 29 – Eau Claire County Line)

  • Starting early May.  1-2 days

Chip Seal / Scrub Seal Preparation

  • Crack filling and Rut wedging

  • Various locations April 22nd – June 10th.


Chip Seal June 10th – June 21st

  • CTH S (STH 178 – 115th Ave.) 6.0 miles
  • CTH O (CTH S – Wissota State Park Entrance) 2.0 miles
  • CTH K (CTH X – 40th Ave.) 2.5 miles
  • CTH P (CTH OO – Colome St.) 1.72 miles
  • CTH P (CTH OO – Eau Claire County Line) 2.56 miles
  • CTH S Bridge (near The Edge) if time allows in this round of Chip Seal.


Scrub Seal June 10th – June 21st

  • CTH B (CTH F – STH 40) 3.0 miles
  • CTH A (STH 40 – Mine Entrance) 3.25 miles
  • CTH OO (CTH P – USH 53) 1.23 miles – Pending available funds


Bridge Maintenance

  • CTH G Bridge (Yellow River) – Deck bracing. Work is currently underway to be completed by April 26th. Daily closures.

  • CTH Y Bridge deck repairs – Complete closure Start August 12th complete by August 30th. .

  • CTH S Bridge (The Edge) – Complete closure Start July 22nd complete by August 9th.

  • CTH K Bridge (Yellow River) – Possible daily closures for lower chord bracing replacement. Early to mid-June.

  • CTH S Bridge (Yellow River near Taylor County line) - Deck bracings. Mid July for 2 weeks with daily closures.

  • CTH M Bridge (Holcombe) – Gusset plate cleanup. No anticipated road closure. Mid July.

  • City of Chippewa Falls Central Street Bridge – Lower Chord plate bracing repairs. Start July 15th completed by July 26th. To be coordinated with the city