Construction Updates

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Revised Monday, July 20, 2020

**This list contains planned road construction projects.  Please note dates are approximate and actual construction time frames are subject to change.**

Highway: CTH F

Location: CTH B to CTH Q
Description: 6.8 miles of pavement replacement - pulverizing and grading
Schedule: May 4 through July 31
Traffic Impacts: Single lane closures with flagging

Schedule: Complete
County Highway B to 142nd Avenue

Schedule:  Begins 7/6/20
142nd Avenue to US Highway 53

Highway:  CTH S

Location:  CTH Q Intersection
Description:  Improve intersection to roundabout control
Schedule:  Mid-May thru Labor Day
Contractor:   Chippewa County – grading work, drainage, gravel, asphalt paving
                       Pember Companies – concrete pavement, lighting, signing, striping
Traffic Impacts:  Closed May 26 thru August 28

Highway: CTH S

Location: USH 53 to CTH Q
Description: 0.5 miles of pavement replacement
Schedule: Mid-May thru Labor Day in conjunction with the CTH S & Q project
Traffic Impacts: Closed May 26 thru August 28 (Limited access to residence and farm fields)

Highway: CTH Q Bridge

Location: North of CTH S
Description: Bridge Replacement
Schedule: Late June thru Late August / Early September
Traffic Impacts: Road will be closed for duration of project

Highway: Miscellaneous Highway Chip Sealing

Location: County-Wide
Description: 2020 Chip Seal Projects – 16.56 county miles
Schedule: June 15 thru July 3
Traffic Impacts: Single lane closures with flagging

CTH CC:  CTH Z to 240th Ave – 1.36 miles - Complete
CTH P:  CTH OO to EC County Line – 2.56 miles - Complete
CTH O:  CTH K to CTH XX – 3.03 miles - Complete
CTH Q:  90th Ave to CTH B – 3.12 miles - Complete
CTH T:  CTH S to CTH X – 4 miles - Complete
CTH M:  CTH CC to STH 27 – 3.20 miles - Complete
STH 27: STH 64 (east) to North to Rusk County line – 8.8 miles - Complete

Highway: Miscellaneous Culverts

Location: County-Wide
Description: Culvert Replacement for 2021 Paving Projects
CTH SS: STH 64 to 83rd St – Early September
CTH M:  Dunn County Line to 60th Ave – Date TBD
CTH F:  CTH S to CTH B – May 11 to May 22 - Complete
CTH J:  160th St to CTH X – Complete
Schedule:  May 18 – October 1
Traffic Impacts: Frequent roadway closures

Highway: Miscellaneous Bridge Repairs

Location: County-Wide
Description: Various Structure Repair Work

CTH S Bridge over Yellow River:  deck repairs to be done July 20 - July 31
     • Temporary stop lights will be used with one lane closed

CTH S Bridge over Duncan Creek:  deck repairs to be done during the CTH Q & S intersection project. 
     • Temporary stop lights will be used
CTH K Bridge over the Yellow River: Lower Chord repairs. Will require 1 – 2 daily closures (opened nightly)
CTH Y Arch Pipe 0.67 miles east of STH 124: Replacement. Will require closure.
     • Will be coordinated with Falls Dairy.
Schedule: Summer/Fall 2020
Traffic Impacts: Single-lane closures and full roadway closures will be utilized



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State Highway 27 Construction
Chippewa County Highway Department has been receiving many inquiries regarding construction on State Highway 27.  Although this project is not a county project, we will do our best to provide you with more information.  State construction and road condition updates can be found at We have also added a map for your reference (Click here to view map).