No Smoking Rules

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The County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance amendment (below) at its monthly board meeting June 8, 2010 related to tobacco regulations and the amended ordinance was published in the Chippewa Herald on Saturday. Those actions make the change official and effective now. The signage by various doorways regarding tobacco will be removed soon and new signage installed to advise all of the change to smoke-free Chippewa County campuses. Smoking will no longer be allowed outside any of the doorways including the courthouse cul de sac area. Your voluntary cooperation of not smoking on County grounds is expected now. After the current signage is removed, we will also be informing the public of the change and their need to comply with the revised regulations. Thank you for your respectful reminders to others if needed during this period of transition.

Sec. 48-92. Tobacco regulations.


(a) Tobacco-Smoking. No person may smoke tobacco products in any county owned, operated or leased vehicle, building or upon any county owned grounds with the exception of County-owned forests and parks.


(b) Smokeless tobacco. No person may place, maintain or chew, within their mouth, smokeless tobacco products in the Chippewa County Courthouse or Law Enforcement Center.