Firewood Rules

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Firewood Rules

In an attempt to help control the spread of invasive pests and diseases that are harmful to trees in Wisconsin, the Chippewa County Facilities & Parks Division will strictly follow the guidelines set by the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  The informational excerpts that follow have been taken from the State of WI-DNR website.  Please visit their site for more details and information!

What is Acceptable Firewood?

  • Firewood harvested in Wisconsin (within a 25-mile radius of campground).
  • AND NOT purchased, harvested or stored in, or transported through, a quarantined county of Wisconsin.
  • Firewood from a vendor that is certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
  • Dimensional and untreated lumber scraps, such as 2-by-4's and 2-by-6's. (Lumber is fully dried and debarked before it can be used in building, which means it cannot harbor pests and diseases of living trees like raw wood or logs can.) **Minimally processed wood such as full or partial pallets, skids or slabs are prohibited.  Pallets and slabs are cut wood, but they can be fresh enough, or have enough attached bark, that they can harbor pests or diseases.**
When going on a camping trip, follow these rules:

  1. Purchase aged firewood within a 25-mile radius of your campground.
  2. Firewood purchased at or near your destination should be used completely during your camping vacation.  Do not leave any unused wood behind and do not take it with you to another destination.
  3. Reduce your need for open fire by cooking over gas or charcoal.
The Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer Information Source: