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County Park Beach Conditions

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Morris-Erickson, Otter Lake, Pine Point & Round Lake

The Chippewa County Public Health department samples the county park beaches
on a bi-monthly basis throughout the summer season. 
County Parks include Round Lake, Long Lake, Otter Lake, and Lake Holcombe.

County Park Name
Date of Testing
Water Quality
Morris-Erickson 06/02/2020
Otter Lake
Pine Point
Round Lake


Environmental Protection Agency Water Quality Standards:

Green - Standard Posting                  <235 = Blue

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      235-1000 = Yellow                        >1000 = Red

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Safe practices for swimming at any public beach or river include:

  1. Towel off immediately after swimming

  2. Swim in water away from shore if possible

  3. Avoid swimming in areas where snails accumulate

  4. Do not encourage birds to stay near swimming areas by feeding them.

  5. Shower and wash hands with soap and warm water after contact.

Ingestion of water contaminated with fecal bacteria can cause fever, diarrhea, and vomiting.  If you experience these symptoms after swimming, please contact your physician.

To report a possible water quality concern, please contact Public Health at (715) 726-7900 or email: To report a beach safety concern, please contact the Facilities & Parks Division at (715) 726-7882 or email: