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In the summer of 2014, the Master Plan process began for the Chippewa County Park System with CORRE, Inc being hired to facilitate this process with the County. With four active parks (3 of which also incorporate campgrounds) and two boat landings, the County wanted to fully evaluate all facilities for potential repairs, improvements and additions based on user input, useful life, environmental wear, public safety & ADA compliance.

By working with the County, a master plan was developed for the Chippewa County Park System that balanced users’ requests with other required improvements in the parks. All parks were evaluated and then potential improvements were ranked based on immediacy of need (public safety, useful life, ADA), cost, public desire, potential for increased revenue and fit with the overall mission of the Chippewa County Park System.

This 10‐year plan is meant to be a living document and will be revisited annually to confirm priorities and modify as necessary.

The Chippewa Facilities & Park Division has the following mission statement:

The Facilities and Parks Division will always strive to be good stewards of the public property entrusted to our care, to be fiscally responsible in our duties as we work to maintain a clean, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for employees and the public we serve, and to promote appropriate recreational opportunity within our county park system.

This plan follows this mission.

 Park Master Plan

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