Outdoor Siren Activation

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Chippewa County activates outdoor warning sirens to signal imminent danger from tornadoes and severe storms.  In Chippewa County, a steady wail for three to five minutes means IMMINENT DANGER. Take shelter immediately in the nearest suitable protective area. Protective areas should be identified in advance. Once the siren sounds, it may be too late to seek protection.

Sirens are tested the first Monday of every month at 11:00 a.m., even during cloudy and rainy conditions, unless there is a threat of severe weather in the area.


Sirens in cities, towns and villages are owned and maintained by the municipality.  The area effectively covered by a warning siren is about 3 square miles in normal outdoor conditions.  However, they may not always be detectable during noisy conditions or inside buildings.


To receive detailed and consistent weather alerts, Emergency Management and the National Weather Service recommend using weather radios and cellular phone services.  These can be found online or purchased from local retailers. Alerts for your specific area and can be selected for a variety of weather events.