Worthless Checks

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Check Diversion Packet

Dear Chippewa County Merchants and Citizens:

Worthless checks diminish the profits of all businesses, and have even put some businesses out of business.  As consumers and taxpayers, we all pay higher prices to make up for the losses associated with worthless checks.  Chippewa County courts handle the second highest caseloads in the state, including a substantial number of worthless check prosecutions.  The overwhelming worthless check caseload has burdened the District Attorney's resources and I am unsatisfied with delays in prosecution, delayed restitution payment, and insufficient punishment for repeat offenders.  No more.

Effective immediately, Chippewa County implements The Worthless Check Initiative was introduced as a more efficient way to handle worthless checks.

The goals of the program include:

  1. Recover full restitution from individuals who write bad checks.
  2. Recover of restitution within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Educate defendants to prevent repeated worthless checks.
  4. Educate merchants/citizens to identify and prevent worthless checks.
  5. Reduce expenses incurred by the taxpayer by reducing law enforcement investigations and lessening an overburdened court workload.
  6. Transfer the expense of worthless checks back onto those who write worthless checks

The program comes at no cost to the taxpayer or area merchants.  Writers of worthless checks will financially support the new program. 

If you have further questions after reviewing this packet, please contact the Check Diversion Program at 651-267-0100.

Very truly yours,
Wade C. Newell
District Attorney