Take a Stand Against Meth

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The Take a Stand Against Meth Campaign is a countywide effort to combat the methamphetamine epidemic besieging Chippewa County.

A core team, communication team,  and six taskforce teams made up of community volunteers are working to develop action plans designed to combat the meth epidemic affecting families, schools, businesses, and churches throughout the county.

“Meth addiction is an epidemic in Chippewa County. We have hit crisis mode,” according to Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos, Chippewa Falls Area School Superintendent, who chairs the core team.  “It has affected nearly every family, every business, every school, and every church in our county in some way. This problem is so large and complicated, we will need to work together to tackle it from every angle.”

Three community kick-off events will provide education, interaction, and informative panel discussions to help gather community members feedback.  The committee is working in partnership with WQOW in developing a documentary to help bring awareness to this issue.  We need the help of the entire community to make this campaign to reduce or eliminate meth a success in Chippewa County. We are not only asking for volunteer help, but community resources to support our work.  


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