First Time Offender Diversion Program

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Philosophy behind the First Time Offender Diversion Program:

  • Low-Risk means an individual is at low-risk to re-offend or commit new criminal acts.
  • Low-Risk individuals are generally self-correcting.
  • Formal intervention is generally not necessary as a response to criminal behavior with most low-risk individuals.
  • Mixing these individuals with medium to high risk offenders causes more harm than good. 

The Chippewa County First Time Offender Diversion Program:

  • Participants are referred directly by Law Enforcement or the District Attorney's office.
  • Participants pay a fee to attend the program.
  • They attend a two-hour education session regarding ramifications of citations/criminal violations and thought process leading to violations.
  • Successful participants avoid citation and criminal charges and the offense remains off Wisconsin Circuit Court Access. 
  • The participant fee and all restitution must be paid before attending the education session. 

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Individuals receiving Chippewa County or City citations for matters which could otherwise be municipal.
  • Individuals subject to criminal charges who are low to medium risk based on the Proxy assessment instruments, and first time offenders.
  • Participants are only eligible for the program one time.

Eligible Offenses:

  • Misdemeanor cases and possibly some low level felonies with certain exceptions.
  • Most common offenses can include but not limited to: Theft, Disorderly Conduct, Retail Theft, Obstructing, Worthless checks, and Possession of THC or paraphernalia.