COMPAS Assessments

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Research has proven one of the ways to reduce recidivism is by using risk assessments.  Structured assessment tools, such as the COMPAS, identify risk to re-offend, criminogenic needs and appropriate programming needs. The COMPAS assessment will help provide useful information in connection with arrest, bond, charging, sentencing, programming and probation supervision decisions.

Chippewa County will complete COMPAS assessments to help determine level of risk and criminogenic needs of offenders in order to better direct programming and services. COMPAS assessments may be requested at anytime in the Court process.  Every FIT and Recovery Court referral must have a COMPAS assessment completed.

A COMPAS assessment may be requested by the Prosecutor or Defense Attorney by completing the referral form below and forwarding it to the Diversion Specialist.  For further detailed instructions and an explanation of available assessments, please refer to the COMPAS Process below


 COMPAS Process for Referral Sources