Treatment and Testing

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The Chippewa County Drug Court Program shall consist of three phases followed by a Continuing Care Phase. Each phase will be a minimum of 4 months long and the continuing care phase will be a minimum of 6 months long. The Drug Court Team, upon recommendation of the Drug Court Case Manager, shall determine when promotion to a higher phase is appropriate.  The Drug Court Case Manager will complete a comprehensive AODA assessment on each participant. After the assessment is completed, the Drug Court Team will determine the level and location of each participant’s treatment.

A critical component of successful Drug Court participation involves intensive supervision and random Urinalysis and Breathalyzer ( A/BA) testing to determine compliance with the rules of the Drug Court Program.  The frequency of the random UA/BA’s will be determined by the phase each participant is in and is subject to change based on violations and the recommendation of the Treatment Team. Hair follicle tests are also completed randomly on participants.