What is FIT?

  • FIT is a 12-24 month diversion program specifically designed for non-violent offenders for whom substance abuse is a contributing factor in their criminal activity.
  • Allows for diversion of criminal charges while receiving treatment and services.
  • The services provided in FIT will be directly linked to the assessed risk level of the offender.
  • Requires a Cognitive Based Thinking Program, which has been proven to reduce recidivism.
  • Case Management, drug and alcohol testing, and treatment plan goals are dependent on risk level, needs, performance, and compliance.

Who is eligible for FIT?

  • Chippewa County resident, or in some instances individuals with a Chippewa County charge living in neighboring counties.
  • Non-violent offender
  • No active warrants or other pending charges.
  • Facing charges for possession, use or sale of a controlled substance,or a Drug/Alcohol motivated crime.

What is the cost for FIT?

  • FIT is based on a fee for service delivery.
  • Participants are required to seek, obtain and maintain employment during the program.
  • If participants fail to complete the financial intake process, they can be charged the full amount for services.
  • Participants are required to complete a financial intake process to determine their ability to pay.

What is the referral process for FIT?

  • Referrals will be accepted from Prosecutors or Defense Attorneys on behalf of their clients.
  • Each participant must have an updated COMPAS assessment.
  • Complete the COMPAS and FIT referrals below.
  • Each person will be screened for AODA issues and may have to participate in a further AODA assessment.


COMPAS Referral