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Clerk of Circuit Court

Karen J.Hepfler


Chief Deputy

Kendra Thorson


Account Technician

Karen Cummings


Deputy Clerk            Renee DeSantis


Deputy Clerk

Tina Eslinger


Deputy Clerk

Maria Irwin


Deputy Clerk

Nathan Liedl


Deputy Clerk

Amy Mewhorter


Deputy Clerk

Cary Sherman


Deputy Clerk

Kayla Siddons


Deputy Clerk

Audrey Stowell


Deputy Clerk          Janice Wojak  

Branch 1

Judge Steven Gibbs


Branch 1 Judicial Assistant

Kriss Anderson

(715) 726-7781

Branch 2

Judge James Isaacson


Branch 2 Judicial Assistant

Jennifer Lee

(715) 726-7783

Branch 3

Judge Steven Cray


Branch 3 Judicial Assistant

Jennifer Lee or Kriss Anderson

(715) 738-7300


“The mission of the Chippewa County Clerk of Circuit Court Department is to provide fair and equitable customer service to everyone who has a reason to use our justice system.”

The office of the clerk of circuit court is part of the Wisconsin judicial system and the responsibilities are governed by state statute and Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules.  The information and tasks in the clerk of circuit court office are extremely specialized and must be completed with a high degree of accuracy. 

The department objectives are to successfully process all responsibilities in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner, as the work affects every justice system agency.  Outcomes are measured by the effective management of all business functions for the courts including custodian of the record, custodian of the electronic record, management of the jury system, responsibility for all court system finances in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and court administration serving three circuit court judges, family court commissioner, small claims court commissioners and circuit court commissioners.

Family Court Commissioner: Robert Ferg

Assistant Family Court Commissioner: Charles G. Norseng

Small Claims Court Commissioners: Benjamin Lane, David H. Raihle, Jr. 

Court Commissioners: Benjamin Lane, Robert Ferg, Kari Hoel, Charles G. Norseng, David Raihle, Jr.