Long Term Care Options Counseling

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Options Counseling

Options counseling is a service the ADRC offers to the general public offering information and resources to help meet people’s long-term care needs. Options counselors discuss factors to consider when making long-term care decisions. These might include but are not limited to housing, home care, home-delivered meals, personal response systems, and medication management.

What types of questions can we answer?

  • Who can I get to help clean my house?
  • What is out there to help my elder parents stay in their home?
  • My mother’s not taking her pills like the doctor has ordered. What can we do?
  • Grandpa is falling a lot in his home? What help is out there? Do you do fall assessments?
  • What is the Family Care program we are hearing about? "Tell Me More About Family Care"
  • How do I get into IRIS?  "Tell Me More About Iris"

What can an Options Counselor help with?

  • Resources—home care agencies (bathing, housekeeping, meal preparation, lawn mowing, companionship), personal response systems, assisted livings, medication management options
  • Medicaid applications
  • Assessments for eligibility for long-term care programs
  • Enrollment into long-term care programs for eligible persons
  • Meet with individuals and/or families to discuss options for people to remain in their homes  or to discuss alternative residential options

Who is eligible for these services?

  • Chippewa County Residents
    • Frail Elders (65 and older)
    • Adults with physical and/or development disabilities

Is there a cost?

  • No, this service is free. 
  • If you would like to speak with an Options Counselor, contact us at 715.726.7777 to schedule an appointment. We can meet at your home, a temporary residence, or our office.