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Senior Farmers' Market Voucher Program

Eligible households can receive $25.00 in Farmer’s Market Vouchers. Only one packet per qualifying household per year. These vouchers can be used to purchase fresh fruits & vegetables from local farmers markets or road-side produce stands. To be eligible you must be:

  • Chippewa County resident
  • Age 60 or better (or Native American age 55 or better)
  • Gross household income less than:

    1-person household income - $1,968 /month*
    2-person household income - $2,658 /month*
    For each additional household member, add $691/month
    *Remember to add back in your Medicare B & D premiums to figure your gross income

Due to COVID-19, the way we distribute vouchers has changed from years past. If you are eligible & would like to apply, you can:

Keep in mind that we have a limited number of voucher packets so they are available on a first come, first serve basis ONLY. We will not be issuing vouchers to proxy agents as vouchers can be mailed directly to the recipient. Standards for eligibility and participation in the program are the same for everyone, regardless of race, color, nation origin, age, disability or sex.

If you have any questions about the Senior Farmer’s Market Voucher Program please contact the ADRC by phone at 715-726-7777 or email:

What is an Elder Benefit Specialist?

The Elder Benefit Specialist Program is a federal and state mandated advocacy program designed to provide older adults with assistance. This includes educating about public and private benefit programs, screening seniors to determine what benefits they are entitled to, helping seniors apply for and secure benefits, and advocating with them to resolve problems with benefits/denials through an appeal process.

Who is eligible for Elder Benefit Specialist services?

  • Anyone 60 or Older
  • Call ahead for an appointment - (715) 726-7777

What Does the Elder Benefit Specialist Service cost?

  • No Charge for Service

 What Types of Questions Can an Elder Benefit Specialist Answer?

  • Do I have to repay a Social Security or SSI overpayment if it was not my fault?
  • Will Medicare or Medical Assistance cover my nursing home stay?
  • How will I pay all of my medical bills?
  • I have been denied SSI or Social Security disability benefits. What can I do about it?
  • What programs are available to provide services to help me remain in my home?
  • Medicare denied my claim for a certain service or procedure. Can anything be done?
  • Are there any new or recent changes in programs available to me?

What can an Elder Benefit Specialist help you with?

  • Medicare, Part A, B,& D
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance/Medicare Health Plans
  • Medicare Savings Programs
  • Medical Assistance Programs
  • Food Share Program
  • Over-payments of Benefits
  • Health Insurance Appeals

Medicare and You - Presentation (postponed until further notice)

Are you or someone you know on Medicare or will be going on Medicare? If so, you may want to attend this informational session for an overview of Medicare Parts A, B, C, D and other insurance options.

Informational Medicare Videos

It’s important to understand your Medicare benefits and all your options. The videos below break down the different parts of Medicare and ways to receive your Medicare coverage. You can access the PowerPoint here -  Medicare Slide Show (PDF) - to follow along.

      Part 1:  Enrollment in Medicare

      Part 2:  Medicare Basics

      Part 3:  Your Coverage Choices; Original Medicare, Medigap Insurance

      Part 4:  Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), Other Types of Coverage

      Part 5:  Medicare Part D, SeniorCare, Annual Open Enrollment Period

      Part 6:  Help for People with Limited Income, Protect Yourself and Prevent Fraud, Review and Resources