Per proclamation by the State of Wisconsin Governor's Office, May 2020 is declared Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Month!! 

Senior Farmers' Market Vouchers

Click here for eligibility & how to apply.

COVID-19 News and Udates

Please refer to the main Chippewa County webpage for the latest Chippewa County updates on COVID-19.

ADRC staff continue to respond to phone calls and emails.  Please feel free to call us at 715-726-7777 or email adrc@co.chippewa.wi

Click here for online Alzheimer’s Association Tips During COVID-19 For Caregivers of Persons With Dementia

Click here for Guidance for Family Caregivers to Address Concerns Related to the COVID-19 Crisis (PDF)

Click here for Financial, Food, and other COVID-19 Resources (PDF)

Click here for Resources related to Grandparents (or Relatives) raising Children (PDF) OR on this online link

Click here for FREE COVID-19 Testing Information (PDF)

Click here for Interesting and FUN Webinars every Wednesday in May (PDF)

COVID Scams Targeting Older People

As expected scammers are already working to take advantage of people during COVID-19.  Here are a few examples we’ve heard about.

  1. Beware of anyone contacting you in person, on the computer or by phone, claiming to have a cure or vaccine.There is NO vaccine. Likewise, there are NO home testing kits.
  2. Beware of anyone contacting you through email, text, phone call or other form of communication claiming a cash payment or government benefit or other COVID-19 related offer. If you receive Social Security or you file your taxes, you don’t have to do anything to get the government check.
  3. Beware of anyone calling, texting, emailing, etc. telling you that your FoodShare benefit will end, or that you can get more.
  4. Beware of anyone calling, texting, emailing, etc. saying you can get high demand products like cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, sanitizers by ordering online or over the phone.
  5. Beware of COVID charity scams. If you want to contribute to the effort contact your local church, school, non-profit agency or some other local agency you trust.
  6. Beware of someone claiming to be a relative or friend that is unable to get home due to travel bans and asking for money.This is the same scam with a COVID twist.
  7. Know the person or the agency that you are accepting help from to pick up groceries and supplies.Some people are soliciting that they will help and instead taking your money or groceries.
  8. Be suspicious of anyone offering anything related to COVID-19 and using scare tactics to get you to act quickly.

Do not give them your Medicare or Social Security number or any personal information such as banking, credit card.  Don’t wire money.  Be suspicious of anyone offering anything related to COVID-19 such as testing kits, any supplies or treatments. Nobody will show up at your door to do a coronavirus test.  Hang up, delete the email, don’t respond to the text, don’t click on any links, or shut the door.  

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Mission: To provide older adults and people with physical or intellectual/developmental disabilities the resources needed to live with dignity and security, and achieve maximum independence and quality of life.
Goal: To empower individuals to make informed choices and to streamline access to the right and appropriate services and supports.

We offer free information, assistance and advocacy on issues affecting adults with disabilities & seniors. 

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Bridging Chippewa County - Newspaper

Found in most grocery stores, this FREE newspaper has invaluable information. It can be viewed online here.

Resource Directory


Dementia Care - Resources & Support Guide

                          Dementia Coalition                   


Learn More About Us

  • To see how the ADRC can help, watch this short video.
  • Find us in the Bridging Chippewa County newspaper at most grocery stores.


Assistive Technology
Options for paying for assistive technology
Caregiver Resources
Information and resources for family caregivers
Disability Benefits
Specialists provide information and resources for individuals with disabilities
Elder Benefits
Specialists educate about public and private benefit programs to anyone 60 or older
Learning Library
Additional information regarding services and programs
Long Term Care Options Counseling
Information and resources to help meet people's long-term care needs
Senior Nutrition Program
Ensures that senior citizens have access to at least one nutritious meal five days a week
Resource Directory
Detailed list of resources available for you
Transportation Services
Information and resources regarding transportation
Vulnerable Adults and Elders at Risk
Information and resources regarding adult protective services
Young Adults Transition Services
Information and resources for young adults transitioning to adult programs


  • IMPORTANT 2020 Census Update

    Census field operations will be resuming – so we may see some additional folks throughout our community in PPE leaving packets for folks that do not get their mail at a physical address. See attached flyer for important information about the census operation.

    5/27/2020 1:29:12 PM

  • Dementia Care Specialist

    Now accepting applications through May 31, 2020.


  • CHECK IN Chippewa County

    You are NOT alone. We are in this together. Here is an opportunity for connection.

    4/21/2020 10:40:42 AM

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