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Finance Director Melissa Roach
Senior Fiscal Manager
Paul Brenner
Senior Accounting Manager
Lori Zwiefelhofer
Accountant II - Central Finance
Taylor Ewer
Fiscal Manager - Highway
Joseph Gutowski
Fiscal Manager - Human Services
Ashley Bailey
Fiscal Manager - Public Health
Sarah McQuillan
Fiscal Manager - Sheriff
Jennifer Steinmetz
Accountant - Human Services
 Jill Johnson
Accountant - Human Services
Lori Wedemeyer
Accountant - Human Services
Susan Jakusz
Accountant - Land Conservation
Joie Puig

Mission Statement
The mission of the Finance Division of the Chippewa County Department of Administration is to provide efficient and cost effective support to all County departments in establishing and maintaining an effective accounting and financial reporting system in accordance with governmental generally accepted accounting principles and for the benefit of all taxpayers.


  1. To set up, operate, and maintain an efficient and cost effective financial reporting system in the County that:

    • Provides interim and annual financial statements that more than meet the financial information needs of internal and external reporting entities.
    • Accounts for and safeguards the assets of the County.
    • Provides quick and effective budget monitoring capabilities regarding the various County budgets.
    • Provides capabilities for quick and effective financial analysis of various County budgets.
    • Assists and informs the County in the selection and monitoring of all pieces of the County’s portfolio of investments.
  2. Provides the County Administrator with the financial information needed to:

    • Efficiently and effectively run the day-to-day operations of the County.
    • To plan for both the short-term and the long-term financial needs of the County.
    • Assist County Board Supervisors in their decision-making process.
    • Answer questions for and make the best decisions for the County taxpayer.
    • To monitor functional area performance and cost effectiveness.

Performs financial duties for the County which include: General Accounting, Financial Reporting, County Budgets Payroll Preparation, Tax Reporting and deposits, Wisconsin Retirement System Program, Voucher Preparation and Review, Financial Audit Functions. Perform administrative functions for Chippewa County Economic Development Program, including loan applications and reviews.