County Administrator

Randy Scholz


Assistant to the County Administrator Traci Bremness

The County Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer for the County. The County Administrator is responsible for administering and coordinating the overall operations of all of the non-elected departments of the county and for providing staff assistance to the County Board of Supervisors and its officers, under the guidance and supervision of the County Board, as provided for in Chapter 59.18 Wisconsin State Statutes and Chippewa County Code.

Mission Statement

The Department of Administration (DOA) consists of the following Divisions: Corporation Counsel, Criminal Justice Services, Finance, Information Technology, Facilities & Parks, and Human Resources.

The mission of the DOA is to provide consistent, effective, economical, and efficient support services to Chippewa County departments so they can best serve county citizens. The DOA provides general administration and coordination of internal county operations.


  1. Reduce the cost of services and products available to county departments through the Departments of Administration
    • Eliminate extraneous and non-essential costs
    • Centralize all compatible purchasing efforts

  2. Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services available through the Department of Administration.
    • Eliminate Duplication of Services and Effort
    • Discover and Exploit New Opportunities and Modes of Task Completion