Corporation Counsel Todd A. Pauls
Deputy Corporation Counsel
James B. Sherman
Corporation Counsel Legal Assistant
Deborah Blevins

Making a Claim Against the County
Wisconsin Statutes (893.80) require that anyone making a claim against the County shall file a written notice of the claim describing what happened; when it happened; where it happened; and a demand or request for the payment of money damages accompanied by the address of the claimant and some itemization of the damages sought. This notice must be filed with the County Clerk's Office at the address below:

County Clerk
711 N. Bridge Street
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Mission Statement 
Division to provide competent and timely legal representation to the County Board and its subunits, county department heads, and county employees to assist them in the performance of their duties and responsibilities in providing services to county citizens. It is also the mission of the Corporation Counsel Division to improve the lives of the citizens of Chippewa County as necessary by insuring the financial support of our children, as well as protecting the safety and welfare of our children, by representing the public in child support matters and in juvenile court.  This office further strives to assist the mentally ill and the mentally infirm to insure their needs are met by representing the public’s interest in those matters.

Serves as legal advisor to the county. Advises the County Board, department heads and other members of county government. Drafts pleadings and represents the county and state in guardianship and protective placement cases, child support cases and child protection cases, and mental commitments. Represents the county in labor negotiations and advises on personnel matters.