Vehicles Subject to Wheel Tax

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What vehicles are subject to the wheel tax?

An automobile or a motor truck registered under 8,000 lbs gross weight and customarily kept in the municipality or county that enacted the tax.  This includes:

  • Automobiles, vans and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) that qualify as a passenger vehicle
  • Motor trucks and dual-purpose motor homes (trucks that can be equipped with a slide-in camper unit) registered at a gross weight of 8,000 lbs. or less.

Vehicles with the following license plate types are subject to a wheel tax, except as noted.

Standard Plate Types

AUT       Automobile and passenger vehicles:  Issued for automobiles and for vans and SUVs that qualify as a passenger vehicle including those operated for hire.  Driver Ed vehicles are exempt from wheel tax and are not included in WisDOT registration reports of vehicles subject to a wheel tax.

LTK        Light truck:  Issued for motor trucks operated up to 8,000 lbs. gross weight including vehicles operated for hire.  Dual-purpose farm trucks are exempt from wheel tax.

Special Plate Types

Special Plate Types - The special plates listed are available for autos and light trucks and subject to wheel tax.  They are also available for dual-purpose farm trucks, farm trucks and motor homes that are exempt from any wheel tax.

AMA      Amateur Radio

CLS        Collector Special

CVG       Civilian Authorized Groups:  Includes Civil Air Patrol, EMTs and Rescue Squad members.

DIS         Disabled Parking

DUK       Ducks Unlimited

EMT       Emergency Medical Technician

END       Endangered Resources (wolf design)

ENN       Endangered Resources (badger design)

FFO        Firefighter (red design)

FRF         Firefighter (white design)

GLF        Golf Wisconsin

GST        Gold Star Family

HAR       Harley-Davidson/Share the road

HEG       Higher Education Group (University of Wisconsin plates)

HEM      Higher Education Group (University of Wisconsin Madison)

KID         Celebrate Children

LCF         Lions Foundation

LIF          Donate Life Wisconsin

MBO      Milwaukee Brewers (ball and glove design)

MBN      Milwaukee Brewers (‘M’ design)

MGP      Multi-Group:  Lao Veteran and Freemason

MLG      Military Authorized Special Group

MRQ      Marquette University

PAK       Green Bay Packers

SES        Sesquicentennial (all current Sesquicentennial plates will be replaced with standard or other special plates by 2015)

SPT        Wisconsin Salutes Veterans

VET        Disabled Veteran parking

WHF      Women’s Health Foundation

WNG     Wisconsin National Guard

XPW      Ex-Prisoner of War:  No registration fee or wheel tax is charged for one vehicle registered by an applicant.  Subsequent vehicles are subject to registration fees including any wheel tax.  (WisDOT registration records include all vehicles of this type registered at 8,000 pounds or less, including those that are exempt from a wheel tax.)