Staff may be contacted by email:

Chippewa County Housing Authority general email account –
Jessica Oleson Bue
– Director
Bruce Burton
– Sunrise Village, Rehab Specialist
Janette Jacque – Housing Specialist
Kara Heidtke – Administrative Assistant
Kelly Begley – Housing Specialist
Lori Artz – Rehab Specialist
Joel Weiss – Inspector
Bliss Sengbusch – Fiscal Manager
Valerie Prueher – Property Manager/Rehab Specialist
Laura Rushmann – Administrative Assistant
Richard Endres – Maintenance
Bobbie Guest - Rehab Specialist


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Chippewa County Housing Authority is a public housing authority that provides a variety of housing resources and services for low and moderate income households.  All of our programs are income based.  Income limits vary by program.

We provide the following services:

  • Rental Assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher and Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program
  • Loans for Existing Home Repairs through the CDBG and HOME programs
  • Loans for assistance with Homebuyer Down Payment
  • Loans for assistance with Foreclosure Prevention
  • Own and Manage Rental Properties
  • Properties for sale to income eligible homebuyers

Five Year Plan

Click the link below to see Chippewa County Housing Authority’s five-year plan to address the housing needs in Chippewa County.


We support and enforce the Chippewa County Fair Housing Ordinance as well as state and federal laws concerning Fair Housing. If you feel you have been a victim of housing discrimination contact us.

If you would like to file a Fair Housing Complaint with HUD

  • By Phone:  800-669-9777