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UDPATE--2 Huber Inmate Failure to return to Jail

Post Date:09/19/2016 3:06 PM


Austin Dodson surrendered and returned back to the Chippewa County  Jail on Thursday September 15th.

Matthew Schaffner is still at large, and there is an active arrest warrant issued in regard to his capture. Both Dodson and Schaffner (prior to Dodson’s return to Jail) have been seen in and around the Counties of St. Croix, Dunn and Chippewa, after their failure to return to jail.

Please contact the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department at 715-726-7700 or simply call 911 in regard to any information regarding Matthew Schaffner.

Sheriff James L Kowalczyk

Date of Event: 09/06/2016

Type of Event: 2 Huber Inmate Failure to return to Jail

Location of Event: Chippewa County Jail

Persons Involved: 

1- Mathew Schaffner, Male/White, DOB 3/21/91, 5’10” 210 lbs, Blue Eyes/Brown Hair originally (May be dyed purple)
2 - Austin Dodson, Male/White, DOB 4/13/97, 5'10" 190 lbs, Blue Eyes/Brown Hair            

Agencies Involved: Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office

Details of Event:  Mathew Schaffner and Austin Dodson, current inmates at the Chippewa County Jail with Huber work privileges, failed to return to the Jail following work on Tuesday 09/06/2016.  The Sheriff's Office is asking if you see these subjects please contact local law enforcement.  

Authority:      Sheriff James L Kowalczyk


Mathew Schaffner          Austin Dodson

           Mathew Schaffner                                        Austin Dobson

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