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Lt Gibson's - Nomination Letter & Award

Post Date:09/03/2014 9:26 AM

TIME Program Recognition Award Nomination                                                                      Lt Gibson_resized70X56

I would like to nominate Chippewa County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Mitch Gibson for the TIME Program Participant Recognition Award. Lt. Gibson has been an intricate spokes person, teacher, and leader in the use of traffic incident management, TIME. Lt. Gibson not only has been a leader in TIME for the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office, he has brought and sold the Time Incident Management philosophy to all law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service agencies (EMS) in the county.

Lt. Gibson has reached out and communicated to all Chippewa County law enforcement, fire, medical services agencies, highway, and tow services the importance of highway safety and communications between all agencies involved in TIME. Lt. Gibson has provided initial TIME training to these agencies and services and continues to provide updated materials and refresher trainings to them as well.

I have been part of after action reviews and traffic incident debriefings which Lt. Gibson has conducted after large, time consuming traffic incidents involving multiple agencies. Lt. Gibson has taken the time to coordinate efforts and debrief the positive aspects of incidents handled as well as the things we can improve on.  Lt. Gibson has been praised by local law enforcement agencies and fire/EMS for his efforts.

Lt. Gibson has taken it upon himself to acquire orange reflective leggings for all deputies to wear during traffic events such as traffic details and crashes. Lt. Gibson was a primary participant in the after action review of Chippewa County Deputy Jason Zunker’s death who was killed by a passing motorist during a semi fire on STH 53.  Lt. Gibson recognized the need for reflective apparel on moving parts of the body for quick identification of emergency personnel.

During his career, Lt. Gibson has also seen the need for large collapsible traffic emergency signs and flags for detection prior to a scene of an incident to give early warning to oncoming motorists. Despite the need for these signs, some showed resistance to place another item of size in their emergency vehicle. Lt. Gibson actually out smarted these individuals, including me, by leaving signs on the roadway after an incident. Lt. Gibson would then ask one of the resisting deputies to pick up the sign for him. After the sign was picked up Lt. Gibson would then tell that deputy to, “Just hang on to it and keep it in your vehicle.” After Lt. Gibson’s unique way of distribution, we all have the traffic emergency signs in our assigned emergency vehicles which are used regularly.

In conclusion, Lt. Gibson makes Traffic Incident Management a part of his everyday routine. He is always thinking of ideas to improve traffic safety. He always implements TIME and coordinates others on traffic incident scene(s). And above all, Lt. Gibson truly cares about the safety of everyone working township, county, or state roadways. For this I feel Lt. Mitch Gibson needs to be recognized for his efforts in Traffic Incident Management.


--  Award presented to Lt. Gibson at the 2014 Governor's Conference --

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