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Provider Meeting 8.18.14 Clarification to Questions

Per our discussion at the 08/18 Provider meeting, we modified a category within the rate setting spreadsheet (The updated spreadsheet can be obtained via our website).  We believe that this will help clarify that there are activities that need to be completed, yet do not fit within the covered/billable services of service delivery time, travel time, and documentation time. 

 We have named this section: 

  • Necessary and Non-Billable Services- these are services, other than billable (direct service, documentation, and travel) services, that a provider needs to complete in order to effectively provide the contracted comprehensive community services.  Example:  travel or documentation time when a person is a “no show” for the service.  Example:  telephone calls and contacts to arrange for and coordinate service. 


We want to provide clarity on previously asked questions: 

  • Travel and/or documentation time that is not associated with a direct service is not a billable service.  Example:  If you travel to a person’s home and they are not present, then the time spent (travel, documentation, etc.) is not billable. 
  • Covered/Billable CCS Service Array items 4 – 14 include:  service delivery time, travel time and documentation time.  Other services may be necessary to provide CCS Service Array items 4-14, but are not covered/billable under those service array categories.  Example:  Coordination of services, telephone calls, or collaboration is not billable unless associated with the role of the service facilitator (service array items 1-3).  When these activities are provided for services 4-14, they should are necessary and non-billable services.  These costs are addressed through rate setting. 
  • Service array items 1-3 (screening, assessment, planning and facilitation) will be provided by the county.