Worthless Checks

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Chippewa County Worthless Check Booklet [PDF]


Financial Crimes Services has issued an alert: 

“A scam group impersonating our company is actively occurring.  They are using our name, “Financial Crimes Services.”  They also use our website address.  They will call you without sending written correspondence.  They will also contact via email.  Their letterhead says FinCis with a different logo than ours.  Our company does not threaten, claim to be a police agency or state you will be arrested.  If they have contacted you, please call us at 651-388-1023.  We are working with authorities to resolve this matter.  Thank you.”

Dear Chippewa County Merchants and Citizens:

Worthless checks diminish the profits of all businesses.  As consumers and taxpayers, we all pay higher prices to make up for the losses associated with worthless checks.  The overwhelming worthless check caseload creates a burden on legal system resources and creates additional cost to taxpayers.  In February of 2006, The Worthless Check Initiative was introduced as a more efficient way to process worthless checks.

The goals of the program include:

  • Full recovery of restitution from individuals who write bad checks
  • Recovery of restitution in a reasonable amount of time
  • Educate bad check writers to prevent repeated offenses
  • Educate merchants in proper check processing and how to submit checks to recover losses
  • Reduce expenses incurred by taxpayers by reducing legal system involvement in investigating, processing and lessening overburdened court caseloads
  • Transfer the expense of worthless check writing back onto those who write the bad checks

Worthless checks written in Chippewa County are now being processed for my office by Financial Crimes Services (FCS) at no cost to the taxpayer or the merchant.    Check writers who fail to make restitution to FCS will be charged by the District Attorney with a crime and held accountable through the legal system. 

Merchants or citizens can get information on how to submit their worthless checks to FCS and obtain a copy of the Chippewa County Worthless Check Booklet [PDF] or contact Financial Crimes Services, LLC (FCS) direct at 1-651-267-0100.  Not all checks can be processed through this program or the District Attorney’s Office. Please refer to the above website or contact FCS for additional information.

I am confident this method of handling worthless checks is more efficient and effective and will result in more timely recovery of restitution as well as hold offenders accountable.

Best regards,
Steven H. Gibbs
District Attorney