Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program

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Community Counseling Services
16497 CTH X
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Phone: (715) 723-1221
Why participate in the program?
  • to potentially reduce penalties for OWI
  • to increase personal growth
  • to change unwanted behaviors
  • to gain a support system
Why is this program available?
  • to reduce the number of repeat offenders
  • to improve public safety
  • to improve quality of life and to provide avenues of change if desired by participant
Fees for the program.
  • $200 for  2nd offense, $250 for 3rd offense, $300 for 4th & subsequent offense
Who is eligible for the program?
  • Persons with more than one OWI arrest with a pending court date in Chippewa County
  • Persons with no felony or violent offenses pending in court
  • Persons who are available to complete program requirements
Participants Responsibility
  • Remain chemically free throughout the program
  • Attend an initial one hour screening/orientation session
  • Attend a contact session or education session once per week
  • Pay the initial fee:  $200 for  2nd offense, $250 for 3rd offense, $300 for 4th & subsequent offense
  • Telephone this agency three times per week and agree to random breathalyzers or urinalysis to determine presence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Sign consent forms for this agency to release information to appropriate persons/agencies
  • Complete the alcohol/drug assessment requested by the Department of Transportation and participate in assessment recommendations (driver safety plan)
Community Counseling Services' Responsibilities
  • Provide community supervision from intake to adjudication of case
  • Provide support encouragement and education to reduce risk of repeat OWI offenses
  • Provide the court system, attorneys, and other significant agencies with reports of progress and compliance of program requirements